We believe that every wedding couple deserves extraordinary treatment. That is why we will not only personally photograph your wedding but will spend over 50 hours in pre and post wedding consultations, design, and retouching to make sure your wedding book captures each unique moment exactly the way that you remember it.

At your first pre-wedding consultation, you get to know about the way Sharda Studio works and the artistic style involved. We will answer your questions, get to know your wedding dreams, and get an understanding of the type of couple you are, the type of celebration you are looking forward to and the photographic style you appreciate, as weddings are priceless. Your second pre-wedding consultation usually occurs during your engagement portrait session, which can occur in the studio or at a place special to you. Here, our photographers will know you as a couple and your family and to understand your unique relationship so as to add captivating moments in the photographs as a marriage is a life time affair.

During your final pre-wedding consultation we will make sure that all the times, locations and list of special photographs are confirmed so that there is nothing left to chance. Our wedding photography specialized team will be with you on your wedding day, right through the reception so as to not miss any of the fun, excitement, traditional rituals of your day. Our experts use all that advance planning and preparation to make sure your wedding is captured in a style that complements your unique day and when you look back, you are mesmerized. After the big day, you will meet with us to see all of your beautiful photographs while you sit in a relaxed unhurried environment. Our experts will go over the design ideas for your wedding album and make sure to give that extra magic to the photos which are exceptionally close to you. Once you approve your wedding book layout and design, we will get the wedding photographs carefully print and bind your book by hand blending modern printing technology and old world craftsmanship. From start to finish your wedding book will be uniquely you and be a family heirloom for generations to come.


Your portrait should genuinely reflect a piece of who you are, should focus on your individuality, your vision, your aura.

Consultations are an important part of the photographic process especially when it comes to portraiture. We want you to be comfortable with us and vice versa so getting together to chat about ideas you have for your shots and allowing us to make suggestions makes the process more personal.

We would appreciate that very much. By getting to know you a bit it helps us determine what style to shoot and also gives you a chance to look at our work and tell us what appeals to you.

Portraits can be done either in our studio or on location depending on what style you're going for.

If you have a place in mind we'd be happy to scope it out with you before a shoot. This could be at your home, favorite coffee shop, any nostalgic location...the possibilities are endless.


Fashion Photography is more than attractive people wearing designer wear and flaunting some style. It reflects the zenith of creativity gelled with emotions and passion, it can make you want the model AND the clothes he or she is wearing. When done right and in prudent taste, fashion photographs are a true form of art and they can be not only beautiful to see but also affect the society and people.

Our fashion shoots, like the clothes you'll have on, will be custom tailored to your needs. We will plan a visit before your shoot so that we're able to find out more about who "you" are and what your fashion event’s soul and theme. And at the shoot time you'll be comfortable with us and we'll know how best to capture the various perspectives of attitude and style you want.

If you're a model looking for some new material to add to your portfolio we offer both creativity in style and technique that will make your look exceptional in the class. If you're a designer looking for an exclusive way to upscale the reach of your latest clothing or accessory line we would love to chat, hear about your product vision, where you want to take it and then collaborate on a style that would fit astoundingly well.


Planning an intimate gathering, massive convention, official seminar, corporate occasion, product / service launch or any other event? Good. Trust the veteran leaders in this domain and Call us.

We beautifully combine the art of photography and the precision of this event with the intricate documentation of the finest details no matter what the size, as we love to do this.

Before your event we will meet with you, preferably at the location, to discuss your photographic needs. This will give us a greater appreciation for your event as well as the ability to capture it in a way suitable for its particular genre. Custom shooting is important to us. You don't want your event to look like every other one out there and neither do we. We understand that a lot of time and effort goes into the planning of events with an emphasis placed on atmosphere.

Our photographs will be a reflection of your endeavor while documenting the happenings which were planned and posed as well as those natural and candid moments.


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