Through a love of photography that started over 20 years ago,
Vijay Soorma, the lead force behind Sharda Studio, has harnessed his passion into a style that evokes a sense of soul-stirring creative freedom with a lot of style from his subjects. He has inherited and strapped up the magical style of photography from his ancestors. The legacy of Sharda Studio dates back to ninety fifties when the root foundation was laid in Pakistan and later the establishment was shifted to India. A miraculous team of gifted visionaries from Soorma family strived hard to match unparallel standards in the realm of photography to create a niche. Soon, the brand of Sharda Studio, became one of the most happening and sought after name in the milieu of commercial, wedding and portrait photography.

Vijay Soorma is an enormously exceptional photographer, embellished with a passion for inclusion of latest techniques in his practice with a flair for capturing captivating moments. He has the art to understand inner radiance, silhouetted glow and core conceptuality of the people, places, moments and events. People in front of his lens, genuinely have a beautiful time; in fact that is what the photographs tell. He is highly appreciated in peer circle for developing innovative styles and challenging the existing realms in the world of photography to create a signature mark of his brand.

His focus is to understand the spirit of the subject in its totality before proceeding for shoot and then create enchantment with the visual results. He concentrates on contemporary digital photography style employing photojournalistic, informal, candid and imaginative photography techniques to all weddings and events.
His style allows freedom of movement and inspiration and Vijay can be seen photographing a wide range of subjects, but mostly people, whether that is in weddings, lifestyle, fashion, celebration or the corporate photography.


As the India’s one of the oldest and immensely experienced photography studio, we are committed to building strong relationships, loyalty that lasts a lifetime, and memories that last forever.

Our years of experience, variety of services, and proud history provide the foundation for our continued excellence in photography services. 

Sharda Studio considers it an honor to capture precious memories for uncountable individuals, families, and organizations. For more than 50 years, we have been providing quality childhood, student and family photographs, along with other valuable memory keepsakes.

We share the vision to be the leading photographic studio providing innovative, unparallel services that capture the spirit of today and preserve the memories of tomorrow. We truly love our work and for us a good day means immortalizing someone’s cherished moments by the magic of our lens.


A straightforward vision statement is embraced throughout the Sharda Studio.We care about people – employees, clients as individuals, treating them respectfully and dutifully. We strive for integrity in all aspects of our business, including associations with other people, products and services that fulfill our customers’ expectations, promotion and financial reporting.
We are committed to excellence and total customer satisfaction in our performance and pledge to professionally carry out our responsibilities.


Sharda Studio takes photojournalistic, artistic and beauty-inspired photos. Shots are mesmerizing and reflecting the untouched essence of life, printed masterfully, become art pieces capturing the magic of your day. Our video shots are virtually a poised splash of vivid colors, feast of emotions and most astute movements. Our inveterate returning clients echo our fervent approach, passionate outlook and first-rate, outstanding quality.

Our diverse photographers, with broad experience in many photographic genres, always provide a fresh take that takes the documenting of your event/wedding to the next level.

Discover how each of us can suit your style, and best capture your moments and mood. Distinctive shooting styles and energies, Sharda Studio's photographers give you a range of tastes to ensure your event/wedding is expertly portrayed best.


We don't compromise our service! From the instant you walk into our studio, you will feel the passion and excitement we have for our craft. No big ego's here, just a fantastic professional photography experience.


With us our photography packages are all inclusive, we pride ourselves on our honest approach to business. We won't hook you in with cheap prices then ask you for all your hard earned cash afterwards. That's what those cheap makeover studios do, they employ sales people who know nothing about photography giving you so called advice at the end. We don't DO sales here.


We are a team of designers, photographers and client services experts that frequently discuss and implement innovative ideas to keep our product cutting edge and fresh. Our website reflects our dedication to providing the very best technology, and our equipment is up to the minute and state of the art to make sure you look your very best. We are a TEAM - Our collaborative approach is unique and includes YOU too!


Endorsed by well respected companies in a variety of industries, not only do every day people like YOU trust us for the product you want, major companies have endorsed our services since our conception about 50 years back, that also makes us one of the oldest and most experienced players in this domain.


We are staunch believers in keeping abreast with the latest techniques to provide you with the paramount results every time. We keep on upgrading our studio by importing various latest photography and videography related gadgets and we are proud to share with you that we are amongst the firsts in incorporating many high end machines.


Providing unrivalled value with all our packages. We encourage you to shop our competition. Many don't offer our all inclusive photo shoot packages and if they do, they charge up to three times as much for them. With us you know exactly right from the start what you are getting.


Everyone gets a little nervous. Our experts take over as soon as you walk in the door. It becomes our obsession to make you look your best. You will receive guidance from hair and make up to outfit selection, theme selection and posing guidance through every single shot. The pressure falls on us and we always perform best under pressure!


Our clients overwhelm us at the end of each shoot with comments like "it's the best experience I've ever had!", "it's better than therapy", "thank you for giving me the confidence I always wanted" and the list goes on. The simple fact is we love what we do and you will love it too!


We have models, actors, actresses, musicians, dancers and athletes come through our doors. However our main clients are people like you! Homemakers, lawyers, accountants, school teachers, friends, small business owners, waitresses, and receptionists who want to have a great experience. Couples love making memories, spouses want to surprise their significant other with something different. Buy online and give the gift if image 1st today.


Don't leave it too late! Our diary fills up fast! Most of our clients are coming to us for generations. If you want the best then come and get it! If you still have reservations, then call us today and schedule an appointment to come and meet the team for a cup of coffee and take a tour around our photography studio.


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